How does it work

We design every session to be “exactly what you need right here right now” to restore your body to a state of balance, harmony, homeostasis; because from that point healing is possible.

General Overview:

M Field Therapy uses light, colour, sound, frequency and essential oils to restore the system to a state of balance.

By using Kinesiology muscle testing we are able to determine what you need right here right now and work according to your specific requirements, we treat you as the unique energy system that you are.

Many of our clients not only report relief from physical ailments but also experience a deeper state of calm and a relaxed intensity that is quite nurturing and well worth the experience. 

The system is also programmed with a number of preset options which we have found are beneficial to our clients and for the practitioner, there is an opportunity to create or design your own program and store them on your device.

Our new website is still under development and we will be expanding this section with more videos and photo’s, if you are interestes in session or becoming a practitioner than please send us an e-mail or give us a call.

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